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Since I moved to my own instance, here a
Hi all, geographer from the Netherlands here! Love exploring the world, especially by train and by bicycle touring. Learning Chinese, ditched Windows for Linux ten years ago. and IT is combined in my daily job: application manager.

Gisteren leek de toename van het aantal gevallen af te nemen, nu toch weer een versnelling van de toename. Nog steeds een holle curve in plaats van een bolle curve. Niet goed.

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From HN discussion - "This is why I use ad blockers and a pi-hole server" (

This is GDPR in action. Wow.

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Ubuntu or Linux Mint for a new laptop?

Should be able to run Citrix Workspace (however not at the moment 🤐 ), QGIS, Tresorit, Yubikey Personalization, Yubico Authenticator, HPLIP (for HP printer), Signal and Keepass.

Have this currently working on my Ubuntu desktop, does this function (more or less) out of the box in Linux Mint too?

Inbox of my old, short gmail-address which I'm not actively using anymore.
Silly people from all over the world think it's their email address. Flight tickets, bank statements, logins, mortgage info, receipts etc. are being sent to me for years now.

Zojuist geïnvesteerd in Plan B van
Aan het snel oplopende bedrag te zien ben ik niet de enige 😋

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"More than 900 people have had their travels plans disrupted this weekend due last minute flight cancellations by FlyLoLo at Glasgow Airport"

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♻ RT

Demonstreren mag van het @cdavandaag, maar alleen als je de goede mening hebt.


I'm looking for a high quality dumb non- TV, however this straighforward combination seems almost impossible to find 🤔

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Flinke seismische hiaat in de buurt van Istanboel, stuk van een breuklijn waar zich al jaren energie heeft opgebouwd.
Langs deze breuklijn hebben zich afgelopen jaren grote aardbevingen voorgedaan, telkens meer in de richting van Istanboel.

And today stage 3 of my cycling trip, 108 km from Mainaschaf through Aschaffenburg, Miltenberg an several smaller places to Bad Mergentheim. I left the route along the Main, followed the small river Erf for some time, crossed a hill and joined the Tauber river.

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