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Since I moved to my own instance, here a
Hi all, geographer from the Netherlands here! Love exploring the world, especially by train and by bicycle touring. Learning Chinese, ditched Windows for Linux ten years ago. and IT is combined in my daily job: application manager.

From bad to worse, has PR firm spread lies that Facebook-critics are payed for by George Soros, using the classical antisemitic myth.

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Saw this reaction to #Google marketing running #Linux apps on #ChromeOS:

"So it does everything that Linux does, but you can also send all your personal data automatically to google.

Wow, what a value proposition!"


Still remember the surprise long ago about chaos and the comments that almost certainly the British government would come up soon with some kind of amazing solution to "deliver Brexit"...

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Bizar verhaal, stad "ontdekt" die niet eens 200 jaar geleden werd verwoest en vanaf 1836 door Europese kolonisten uit geschiedschrijving is gehouden.

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Vandaag een afspraak in een kantoor dat alleen "goed bereikbaar" is met de auto. Dat wordt dus urenlang mijn tijd verdoen in de file.

Currently it's the commercial internet-platforms, but the mechanism is still the same as with radio in the Rwanda genocide, TV in the Balkan war and news-papers in nazi-Germany.
Extremists generating clicks and adverstisement and people/corporations making a lot of money with it. Pointing hate against minorities is income optimization, hate messages against a majority will create less clicks.

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"Martin Luther King schreef dat het echte gevaar binnen het publieke debat in ‘gematigden’ schuilt. Degenen met ‘goede wil maar weinig begrip’, zijn erger dan degenen met ‘onwil en absolute onbegrip’."

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Day 132 with a temperature above 20 degrees. Breaking the old record from 2003 with 16!

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@tibike my colleague overheard a remark about a diskette on a table: "oh look, how cool! somebody made a 3D model of a save icon!" 🙄 kids these days...

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Straks knollenvoer uit de oven...pompoen, pastinaak, kweepeer, winterpeen, rode ui, knoflook, kipdijfilet, olijfolie, kruiden, peper en zout.

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sea cucumbers suck up sediment from the sea floor, filter out the food (like dead zooplankton, algae, fish bits) and leave the rest of the sediment behind. Here is a beautiful purple deep sea cucumber doing just that - you can see the entire digestive tract!

Today I went sunbathing on the beach, it was 27 degrees. In the Netherlands. On october 13. Insane.

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ICE deports separated 4-year-old to Guatemala alone, doesn't tell family, no one to pick her up

In there's no possibility to get search results in more then one language at a time and that's a real showstopper to use it as my default search engine. Would like to have the most relevant links, doesn't matter if they're in Dutch, English or German.

The village of Gaupne and the Jostedal Glacier as seen from Molden,

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