By through the village of in . I was lucky to have some space near the back window of the train to take pictures. Unfortunately the weather was rather bad.

Straks knollenvoer uit de oven...pompoen, pastinaak, kweepeer, winterpeen, rode ui, knoflook, kipdijfilet, olijfolie, kruiden, peper en zout.

The village of Gaupne and the Jostedal Glacier as seen from Molden,

Naar reisboekhandel in Den Haag geweest. Fietsroutegidsen Nederland - Hongarije/Roemenië en biografie van Alexander von Humboldt gekocht.

In 2011 and 2012 I toured through on my own. Because the historical villages Hongcun and Xidi were difficult to reach by public transport, I booked a day tour with a tour group. Me as the only westerner in a group of appr. 45 Chinese. Maybe since I speak some Chinese it was a very nice day.

SSC playing a football game...people in bring their TV and furniture on the street to watch the game together 😀

My rental bike on Qixingtan beach near . Did a day tour into the Taroko Gorge. November 2016.

One of the most memorable hotels I've stayed in: Hotel Continental in , . Among the oldest hotels in the city, from 1872, with an abundant but little bit run-down interior. It looks like time stood still in the hotel. Parts of the movie The sheltering sky was filmed in the hotel and it had famous guests like Winston Churchill, Queen Victoria's son Edward VII, Jack Kerouac, Paul Bowles and The rolling stones.

However with if still there's one thing I like to push limits, it's the distance I can cycle in one day without overstretching my body. In 2016 it was 140 km, in 2017 it was 192 km and this summer I went by (loaded with tent, stove etc.) 216 km from , Netherlands to in France. It took me 12 hours and 5 minutes, including waiting for two ferries, some short sightseeing and going to the supermarket for lunch

26th of june, the last day of my tour from Heerlen in the Netherlands to Platja d'Aro in Spain. Border crossing in the eastern Pyrenees between Cerbère and Portbou.

Replacing my 15 year old keyboard with a new mechanical one. It has the nice combination of a big ISO enter key and a big ANSI left shift key.
Love hardware that lasts long :-)

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